What is Barre?

Hey y’all!

I am sure you have heard of the trendy and toning workout called “barre” (pronounced bar…happy hour here is a little different though!). Barre is a workout class that uses the ballet barre to train and develop muscles similar to those of a prima prima ballerina – aka those beautiful long muscles. This means little movements for the little muscles that are not used on our day to day basis. This way we work from the inside out, building muscle as you burn calories. If you have taken a barre class there is this word you may recognize – PULSE. That’s the key way of finding that small of your muscle and toning it, also happens to be my favorite word, as anyone who has taken any of my classes would know! For me, barre was a way to keep my dance background while continuing to grow up. The energy in a barre class is high, the music is fun, and the work is worth it!! Though this isn’t a cardio class it burns the calories you want and need while continue to build strength. Personally, I teach cardio barre and all that means is that I keep with the tight strength movements but add cardio bursts throughout the class to get heart rates high and keeping ya burning those good good cals for hours post-class.

If you are interested in trying out a barre class here is a list of some chain (look in your area for local boutiques too!) studios! Also, if y’all are interested in finding some youtube classes comment at the bottom and I will compile a list of good ones!


Barre Studios



The Barre Method

Booty Barre

Live and thrive in the pink,


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