Who we are – Molly

Hey Y’all!

First things first – WELCOME! Peyton and I are so excited to start this blog and so so excited for you all to read it! When Peyton first brought up the idea of a joint fitness blog I was PUMPED but also knew how much the both of us were (and are!) juggling and didn’t think it would happen but HERE WE ARE! My hopes and dreams for this little slice of the internet is not to have a million and one hits but to have space where I can share about what I am passionate about, fitness, friends, and the color pink. The main focus will be of course on health and fitness being that we are both fitness instructors but we saw a niche unreached on blogs – fitness in college. Sure there are Pinterest articles you can find but there aren’t many blogs solely dedicated to staying healthy in college, be it mentally, physically, or spiritually. So, that’s my goal, to reach those of us in this awesome education endeavor who still want to keep a well-rounded wellness routine. This isn’t to say I think I am the end all be all fitness – because I am so not (midnight pizza study break? Heck ya!), but that’s what makes it all the better because I am learning too!! I teach both barre and FIT classes as well as children’s yoga (yes it’s a thing and it is probably the cutest ever!). That’s a little on me for now!  So, so, SO excited to start this journey will y’all!!!

Stay in the pink!


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